Asheville, NC

Welcome to Rachel Archer Photography

I have a new site! Please come see me at WWW.RACHELARCHERPHOTO.COM!!


Hello, Everyone!

I am so glad that you have stopped by to say hello, and maybe look at some of the beautiful people I have had the pleasure of working with!

I am a family/wedding photographer located in Asheville, NC. I love everything about weddings! Capturing your memories at any part of your life is very important. I hope to be blessed with the opportunity to photograph each of you during these times in your lives!

IMG_1871  IMG_2685  Watts Wedding (434 of 463)

  photo courtesy of Nick Burrows Photography *828-337-2940*


2 responses

  1. Rachel

    I just saw your post on 2nd Shooters Facebook page. I would love to met with you to see if there is opportunity for us to work together.

    I live in Franklin NC, and have been doing photography full time for the past four years. A lot of my photography is based around friends and family. I have been the ‘photographer’ for a boarding school in Georgia. I would like to get outside my comfort zone.

    My primary strengths are shooting in low light situations. I have done an extensive amount of theater productions that have near to no light and constant changing lighting conditions. I thrive in challenging environments and I love to learn new prospectives.

    I currently use Nikon equipment, specifically D90 with my favorite lenses 50mm 1.4; 105mm macro and my standby best friend 70-200mm. I do shoot on manual all the time… something I had to learn shooting theater.

    At this time I would love the opportunity to learn the art of photographing a wedding as a second shooter. I have done several weddings by myself, but would love to work with someone else.

    You can check out my website and see an overview of my work. Some galleries are locked, but there should be a good representation of my work. If you would like to met for coffee and see more, I am up for it!

    Thank you

    Mary Miller

    August 7, 2013 at 3:42 pm

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