Asheville, NC

Wedding Festivals

Since beginning my career in photography, I have wanted to go to a wedding planning event. Wedding Festivals was one of my priorities. I love their atmosphere! I love weddings and seeing all the beautiful brides and speaking with them about their plans. I love seeing their excitement about their relationship with their fiance and their big day they are planning. I have been trying to save up to rent a booth. I am still trying. It is hard for me to have $400+ extra at one time. Plus, I’m trying to save up for a new Canon 5D Mark II! That is the best Canon out there right now. It is over $5000, so rent a Wedding Festivals booth, or continue to save for the camera, or put gas in my car? Urg. Well, I hope and pray that I win this booth at Wedding Festivals!

Here’s a way you can help! “Like” Wedding Festivals on facebook and write posts about WF, where you tag them and me! The more posts I have connecting me and WF, the better!!!

What a great Christmas present that would be! A free booth at Wedding Festivals!



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