Asheville, NC

Dear 15 year old self…

I stole this idea from Sarajane Case Photography, so all props go to her.

Dear 15 year old self:

To start with, you try so hard to have friends. Calm down and stop beating yourself up for not being who other children want you to be. You are a bright, beautiful, shy child. You are talented and wonderful. The few people who take the time to get to know you will be good friends. You will learn to come out of your shell and speak to people first, it will help a lot!

You should be thankful for every moment of music you experience. Band and Chorus are the best things that happened to you at this age. Cherish every moment of it.

Don’t worry about who likes you and who you have a crush on. None of your flavors of the week will matter in ten years. I know its hard to watch other people being so “”in love”. It probably wont last for them either. Focus on school, you are smart, people just don’t know it because you won’t show them. Senior year English Honors was a great decision!

Things happen for a reason. The men you think are your true loves don’t matter. Most of them end up breaking your heart, so don’t give it so freely. You will end up falling for one of your best friends. You never thought that would happen because most of your “friends” are catty girls.

Mom’s 35mm Canon is the best thing that will ever happen to you, career wise. Don’t let people tear you down when they critique your photography. You are great, and you will get better!




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