Asheville, NC

I know I have problems…

… coming up with things to blog about. But… this will be my first attempt at “blogging a wedding” ok, here goes.

I have known Adam and his mother “Aunt Net” since I an remember. When I was asked by his beautiful wife, Mara, to photograph their wedding, I was tickled pink! It was an honor! And the couple was so easy to work with! It ha been raining all morning, but luckily their ceremony was indoors.


The celebration continued as we moved to the beautiful Biltmore Lake Club House! With yellow and blue surrounding us, we rocked out while watching Mara and Adam dance the night away!


Love, love, LOVE this one of Mara!


Lovely day with a lovely couple!

Congratulations to Mara and Adam.

If any contributing vendors (cake, decor, etc) would like to see if I have pictures of their service, I would be happy to send you complimentary copies of everything that includes your product. Please get in touch with me.


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