Asheville, NC

Miss my bread :-(

So, this is going to be my first full year eating gluten free. I started in November, thanks to a high school friend. Right before Thanksgiving… yeah, that meal was fun. So, far, things have been going quite well. I have to shop at Earthfare now. When making dinner (including wheat filled goodies) I make one portion of my gluten free product, and another portion or two of the normal stuff for the family. It takes a few more pots and pans, but if it makes me feel better, I suppose its worth it! 


If any of you are wondering about what I was experiencing, or what eating gluten free does for me…

I have been living with migraines, stomach/digestion problems, back pains, shoulder pains, weight problems, PCOS, sleeping issues, etc….

I was taking 3 ibprofen (or any pain meds I could get my hands on) at least 3 days a week, at least 1 immodium a day, cream muscle relaxers every night on my shoulders and sometimes on my back.

Since I started doing the diet, I have only had a headache twice… JUST TWICE in 2 months!!!!! I have lost 6 lbs, which isn’t much to some people, just its huge to me! I have started going to the chiropractor, which is a whole different box of worms. But, I figure if you are going to change your body… GO FOR IT!!! Seriously… if you find a good one, its worth the money!

As a new year’s resolution, I have cut out soda and only drink water, juices, and milk. It’s going well so far. I have only had one soda since January 1st. 

All in all… gluten free has done wonders for my body and if you feel like you may have some of the same symptoms, PLEASE look into it! There are so many different symptoms for different people that apparently its hard to diagnose. So, try it out.. it doesn’t hurt… except for the fact that I really miss my bread! 😦


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